centrum善存 樱桃味儿童补铁口服液(改善偏食厌食) 100ml

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Incremin Helps when your children won't eat!Incremin contains Iron which is an essential mineral element that helps maintain normal blood by helping to transport oxygen around the body. Incremin Iron Mixture also contains lysine, which is necessary for building new tissue, which in children is necessary for growth. Also, Incremin Iron contains B groups vitamins, which help regulate the metabolism and convert food to energy, this being important for normal growth and development in children.Incremin Iron Mixture is free from sugar, sweeteners, gluten and lactose.Incremin Iron Mixture helps fussy eaters and their mums.
中文名称 centrum善存 樱桃味儿童补铁口服液(改善偏食厌食) 100ml
英文名称 Incremin Cherry + Iron 100Ml
品牌 Centrum
发货方式 澳洲直邮
规格 100
发货国家 澳大利亚