Cetaphil 丝塔芙 保湿润肤霜 550g

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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream and Moisturising Lotion double the moisture of the skin in just four days with moisture that lasts. (Data on file, Galderma Australia Pty Ltd.)The Cetaphil Moisturisers have a unique combination of quality ingredients:Emollients are the essential first stage to soften the skin.Humectants then draw up the naturally occurring moisture from deep within the skin.Cetaphil Moisturisers have a smooth feel and importantly, do not block your pores.Being lanolin and fragrance free, they are suitable for sensitive skin and will provide rapid and long lasting relief for dry skin.Both the Moisturising Cream and the Moisturising Lotion provide the same effects, however, the lotion is lighter in texture.
中文名称 Cetaphil 丝塔芙 保湿润肤霜 550g
英文名称 Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 550G
品牌 Cetaphil
发货方式 澳洲直邮
规格 550
发货国家 澳大利亚