BioCeuticals 维生素B12口服喷雾剂 50ml

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BIOCEUTICALS B12 LIQUID ORAL SPRAY 50MLVitamin B12 is required for the maintenance of healthy red blood cells, methylation pathways, fertility and the nervous system.Bioceuticals B12 Liquid improves your Vitamin B12 levels! Bioceuticals B12 Liquid is a high-dose, refreshing peppermint flavoured sublingual oral spray.Bioceuticals B12 Liquid provides a quicker and more efficient method of delivering vitamin B12 in a high dose and is ideal for vegans, vegeterians and the elderly.PRODUCT FEATURES:- Liquid spray for more efficient absorption.- Natural peppermint flavour.- Great for people on the go.- Suitable for the elderly, vegetarians and vegans.- Vitamin B12 assists in the maintenance of:Healthy neurological function, Methylation pathways and healthy homocysteine levels, Red blood cells, Gastrointestinal function, Male and female fertility, Energy production, The healthy formation of DNA and the normal growth and replication of all cells, Oral health - reducing the frequency, severity and duration of recurrent mouth ulcers.DIETARY INFLUENCE:- No added dairy- No added gluten- No added shellfish- No added soy protein- No added yeast- Pregnancy friendly- Vegetarian friendly- Vegan friendlyCONDITIONS ASSOCIATED WITH B12 LIQUID:- Brain Health- Cardiovascular Health- Nervous SystemINGREDIENTS:DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Adults: Spray 1 dose (1 spray = 500mcg) under the tongue once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.WARNING:If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.Vitamins should not replace a balanced diet.Contains ethanol as a preservative.Always read label. Use only as directed.
中文名称 BioCeuticals 维生素B12口服喷雾剂 50ml
英文名称 BioCeuticals B12 Liquid 50ml Oral Spray
品牌 BioCeuticals
发货国家 澳大利亚