Gerber 嘉宝 杂粮谷物米粉 454g

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Gerber mixed-grain cereals are made with natural grains and gentle ingredients ideal for baby's first food and throughout the first year. Breastmilk or formula is recommended as the main source of a baby's nutrition for the first year. Talk with your doctor about your feeding choices. Infant cereal, such as rice cereal, is typically the first complementary food introduced to infants. Gerber provides varieties that grow with your baby. Your baby's first bite of cereal will be the first of many. As you begin to introduce solids, you can control how smooth or thick baby's cereal is. Gradually, you can add more taste and texture and Gerber makes it easy with cereals for every phase of her development. So even as your baby's taste change, babies can still get the nutrients they needs. Iron is an essential nutrient for healthy physical growth and mental development. One serving of Gerber cereal provides 45% of the recommended amount of iron.

中文名称 Gerber 嘉宝 杂粮谷物米粉 454g
英文名称 Gerber Multigrain Cereal - 16 Ounce
品牌 Gerber
发货国家 澳大利亚