Olay 玉兰油 7效合1多重修复抗皱护肤霜 可当粉底 50g(SPF 15)

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Why choose an Olay Total Effects Touch Of Foundation SPF 15?Olay's new Total Effects Touch of Foundation brilliantly combines both, to help fight 7 signs of ageing and even out skin tone.7 signs of ageing:1. Lines and wrinkles 2. Age spots 3. Pores 4. Uneven tone 5. Texture 6. Dryness 7. DullnessBrowse our other olay products here
中文名称 Olay 玉兰油 7效合1多重修复抗皱护肤霜 可当粉底 50g(SPF 15)
英文名称 Olay Total Effects Moisturiser with Touch of Foundation SPF 15 50g
品牌 Olay
发货方式 澳洲直邮
规格 50
发货国家 澳大利亚